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Let us make the work place and environment in mines safe and secured for the miner who extract minerals for the making of a nation.
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Fatal Accidents In Current Calendar

Year Upto 30-09-2020 (Number)*

Date of last Accident
Coal 27 14-09-2020
Metalliferous 25 08-09-2020
Oil 03 09-09-2020

* Provisional


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  • We Are Migrating To One Unit One Identifier

    Government of India plans to do away with all employer codes being issued by separate labour enforcement agencies such as ESIC, EPFO, O/O ClC(C) and DGMS etc by replacing them with new Labour Identification Number (LIN). Your unit has already been allotted a LIN and the same can be obtained online using Please verify the information associated with your LIN before the current employer codes are rendered useless. The procedure to verify the information is given in For any support please contact

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The mining sector is critical to India’s economic and social well-being. As on today, mining and quarrying sector has a contribution of around 2.39 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. The latest figure on Index of Industrial Production (IIP) shows 2.9 percent growth of mining sector. The economic reforms and changes in the economy in recent past have propelled the Indian mineral industry into a new and competitive environment... To Read More Click Here

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