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Mission of DGMS

The mission of DGMS is the reduction in risk of occupational diseases and casualty to persons employed in mines, by drafting appropriate legislation and setting standards, by overseeing compliance thereof and through a variety of promotional initiatives and awareness programmes creating an environment in which safety is given due priority.

Vision of DGMS

The vision of DGMS is to ensure nationally acceptable and internationally competitive standards of health,safety and welfare for employees of the Indian mines.

  • Main Services|Transactions

    • Inspection of Mines
    • Enquiries
      • Accidents
      • Dangerous Occurrences
      • Complaints
    • Grant of Permissions|Exemptions|Relaxation
    • Grant of Approvals
    • Examinations
      • Conduct of Written Examinations
      • Conduct of Oral Examinations
      • Issue of Certificates
      • Suspension & Cancellation of Certificates
      • Reports & Returns
      • Complaint and Grievances Redressal
    • Medical Examinations & Occupational Diseases
    • Development of Standards & Legislation
    • Research & Development [R & D]
    • Human Resource Development [H R D]
    • Dissemination of Information
      • Annual Reports
      • Statistical Reports
      • Standard Notes
      • Circulars
      • Notifications
    • National Safety Awards and Safety as well Rescue Competitions
      • National Safety Awards(Mines)
      • National Mines Rescue Competition
      • Mines Safety Weeks and Fortnights